🔴 Předvedení Viderai v praxi: PODĚBRADY 25. 11. – 26. 11. 2022 | Kongres ambulantní diabetologie

Retinal analysis for everyone

We strive for fast, affordable and accurate retinal screening, and analysis.

Our goals

We want to make retinal screening and analysis affordable for the majority of population.
We offer fast, affordable and accurate retinal screening.

Screening for everyone

By utilizing routine algorithmic analysis combined with retinal screening we want to achieve the broad scan for up to 80% of given populations. We, quite literally, want to make retinal screening affordable to anyone.

Excellent sensitivity

Algorithmic retinal analysis makes Our goals possible. With the sensitivity of 99% and zero false negative outcomes ophthalmologists can perform a higher number of scans and leave the routine work up to the Viderai analysis.

Early detected disorders

80% of expense in public healthcare is generated via late diagnoses, our goal and mission is to lower these alarming numbers. Fast analysis means early diagnosis. Healthier society means lower public expenses.

What we achieved

Start of the Project
Alpha Version Done
Cooperation with IT4Innovations
We received dotation in the Trend Program in association with TACR
Beta Version done

Our team

Doctors, IT specialists, and scientists to create an innovative product that changes the game in Ophthalmology and the diagnostics of respective diseases.

prof. MUDr. Pavel Rozsíval, CSc., FEBO,

Globally renowned specialist in Eye Surgery Chairman of the Czech Ophthalmic Society (ČSL JEP)

doc. MUDr. Jan Studnička, Ph.D.

Specialist in vitreo-retinal disease diagnostics, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and other retinal diseases

MUDr. Petr Švrček

Eye doctor with long and diverse managerial background in running a chain of eye clinics

Ing. Jiří Tomšej, DBA

Expert on Innovation and business development

Ing. Jiří Krůta

Expert on developing solutions and implementing IT systems

Mgr. Dan Hrbáč

Graduate of Masaryk university and Expert on legal agenda.

Tom Švrček

Lead data scientist, and study design consultant.

Clinical partners

Technical partners

This project is Co-founded by national support of Technological agency of Czech Republic.

Research benefcial for society


Předvedení Viderai v praxi

Ukážeme Vám, jak retinální analýza umělou inteligencí funguje. Přijďte se podívat!

25. 11. – 26. 11. 2022

Kongres ambulantní diabetologie

KC Lázeňská kolonáda Poděbrady
T. G. Masaryka 654/2
290 01 Poděbrady


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